On 03:11 PM 1/08/2002 -0400, vincent mail said:
>couple of problems. there is no longar a 'gobal' button when changing 
>properties of objects , a solution given here is close but no sigar :

Now we are really getting into my complaints about DXP.

>Gripe 1:
>open pcb
>select all components
>try changing all designator text heights to 45 mil for example.
>I can't do it . The moment you click on 'designator' in the inspector it 
>snaps to the text of only one components and does not modify the proprties 
>of all selected parts. Also the selection process is annoying since it 
>pops up a 'list' window. you can't continue editing unless you
>hit the Clear button in this list window.

I am sure I have done this.  So it can be done.  Just can't quite recall 
and do not have the software to test.  May have to bear with me or wait for 
someone else to test.

>Gripe 2
>Selecting a bunch of tracks. The tracks are highlighted by either:
>- a fine line drawn on top of the traces :
>- a kind of lattice thrown on top of them , (depending on your zoom level),
>instead of changing the color of the track.
>I am colorblind ! ( actually contrast blindness) it is very hard to see 
>what is selected and what not. ( for certain layers that have close 
>contrast levels to the white line. )

I am also a little R-G colour blind.  I am not too happy with some of the 
changes in DXP.  There is a reduction in the overall screen contrast - or 
at least that is my impression.

>Also when drawing a selection box, if the filter is still active ( see 
>previous example ) the parts inside the box do not get selected.
>Gripe 3
>when selecting a bunch of parts by drawing a selection window , the PCb 
>viewer draws a colored recangle over each and every component this reduces 
>the contrast even more and makes it completely bogu s for me to see anything

I am not happy with selection in DXP.

>Gripe 4
>The selection is not 'sticky'
>you select a bunch of stuff , as soon as you click somewhere the selection 
>gets undone. how do you

It is an option - to make selections sticky - check the Preferences you 
should be able to find it.

But ... I think it is still broken even with sticky selections.  The sticky 
selections make it confusing and difficult to operate IMO.  P99SE is better 
in that focus and selection were different attributes.  DXP merges them to 
be more standard Windows-like and I think we have lost something.

>Gripe 5
>Select all : sometimes no longer selects all , only layers ( no components)
>this seems to be related to this list again . something triggers this list 
>to contain stuff without you specifying it. you have to open the list , 
>Clear it and then the commands behave normally.

Dunno - you got more details?  Report it as a bug maybe.

>This seems to affect a number of commands . Sometimes the click , hold and 
>drag to move a track with rubberbanding doesn't behave correctly either
>Clarification : click is the proces of pushing mouse button and releaseing 
>it without moving the mouce , hold drag is push the mouse button down 
>without releaseing it and then start moving
>click is select something
>hold drag is move without rubberbanding
>click followed by hold and drag is move with rubberbanding of connected 
>been playing with DXP for 3 days now ( DEMO version , i'm waiting for my 3 
>version to come in the mail) . i like a lot of the new things but the 
>above are very annoying for me.  I can get used to some of these but the 
>highlight is going to be hard unless someone can do an eye transplant for me.

Does the blend slider help?  Can you change the colours to help?


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