> Glad to know AOL isn't part of the problem!  Yes, it can be a pain when
> you
> are away from home, but the spammers are drowning us in garbage.

Yeah, we get tons of spam too.  No, we don't use AOL, MSN, hotmail, or any
of the notorious spam magnets.  Typically 50 - 90% of the e-mail to our
sales e-mail box is spam.  We get lots of spam faxes too.  The spammers must
be profiling me as a middle-aged transexual who:  wants to enlarge my
breasts AND male parts, wants to look younger, is overweight, likes to
participate in pyramid schemes, needs a cheap vacation, needs to re-finance
my mortgage, has a vitamin deficiency, and is always out of inkjet and

I really wonder how much longer it will be until e-mail becomes useless
because the signal to noise ratio gets too low.  If it takes me 2 seconds to
recognize and delete each spam, then 300 spams take 10 minutes to delete.
That's assuming the spams are not "intrusive", forcing pop-up browser
windows to open.  One spam I received earlier this week was for a porn site.
It was the most "penetrating" e-mail I have ever seen (no pun intended).
Not only did it immediately put a naughty picture in my OE reader window, it
opened an IE window and put a naughty website on that.  When I closed that
IE window, another popped up.  When I closed  THAT window, ANOTHER popped
up.  Once more, then the 4th window took up the entire screen (no taskbar).
I had to CTRL-ALT-DEL and kill all the IE processes to get back control of
my PC.  A Win9X user would have had to reboot their PC.  All of this
happened EVEN THOUGH I use Mozilla as my default browser.  I didn't bother
to examine the HTML source of the offending spam, but it probably used some
kind of Javascript to start IE.  Because M$ OS come with IE and you cannot
remove it, this gives evil spammers a guaranteed way to force you to look at
their website.  People (M$ and the spammers) should be going to jail for
this, but they're not.

I have been trying to use Mozilla for e-mail also, but it seems to have a
bug that crashes when trying to import large message folders from OE.  So I
am stuck with OE for now.

Best regards,
Ivan Baggett
Bagotronix Inc.
website:  www.bagotronix.com

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> I've wondered how one goes about spoofing the "from" address, since
> that's
> such a common tactic for spam and other undesirable mail. My sister just
> got
> an email with a virus the other day, and the return address claimed it
> was
> from me. I haven't seen any way within AOL to monkey with the return
> address
> - is this just an AOL restriction?
> Most unix and unix-like systems allow the user to put anything in the
> "from"
> field, by default.  It is AMAZING that most of these systems have not
> been
> restricted to allowing only known users, or known source addresses to
> have
> access to the SMTP server.  Many HUGE ISPs at least until recently,
> allowed
> anyone to send mail messages into them for relaying to unsuspecting 3rd
> parties.  Since the Klez worm EXTENSIVELY exploits this feature,
> I suspect that many of these big holes will be plugged.  I complained
> about
> this at our departmental server for a year before they found it
> necessary
> to restrict it.
> Glad to know AOL isn't part of the problem!  Yes, it can be a pain when
> you
> are away from home, but the spammers are drowning us in garbage.
> Jon

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