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> I contacted several companies including a UK company called "Tsien" (spelt
> that) and when I mentioned that I was looking at Protel, they quite
> gave me a full copy of their system "on trial" for 6 months, no questions
> asked. It has some features missing, in particular, there's no autorouter,
> it's got some features that leave others standing:

Hi Kiernan,

Tsien also called me and offered a 6 month trial (unprompted).

Their tools have been around a while.

But I have not been able to install them yet as their 'dongle' seems to be a
proprietary effort (or made in house) and definitely does not like living on
the same PP as my Orcad & Innoveda dongles.

You will also get the same idea plus a 'fast start' visit from Cadence on
Allegro if you ask them.

Out of curiosity, without commenting on all your points individually, have
you seen anything in Boardmaker that cannot be done, one way or another in

These bits below are another issue

> In the (integrated) schematic tool, they've got a mechanism for getting
> connetions displayed on a part by part basis. No more hidden connections
and no
> more explicit power pins to be connected (Hooray). The text with the power
> ("global" as they call it) connections changes automatically if you the
> connections.

I am a believer in NO hidden pins. If there is a connection, you should see

The only instance I ever had where I did not display pins was with a package
called Ultimate (now EWB) which allowed a part attribute to be assigned for
power definition [ POWER=GND,1,7,9,11,34 ] or [ POWER=5V,2,8,12,35 ] which
could be made visible in the part body and the corresponding pins were
automatically connected. This can also be done with NETS [ NET=HD6, 22 ]

You could also assign other attributes to wires directly (also transferred
to PCB rules automatically) like WIDTH=1mm...

Assigning the power pins of large pin count devices as a text attribute and
displaying them within the body of the device is the closest I have seen to
a compromise on the hide/not hide power pin arguments to clean up SCH pages.

Would be nice if we could see that in SP1 of DXP, perhaps in format
[Power=REFDES,NETNAME,PINNO] or [Input=REFDES,NETNAME,PINNO] and all that is
needed is to place this attribute within the body of the SCH part for easy



> There are loads of tools that I haven't played with. In particular, I've
> had a realease from them which has a star earth return feature to allow
nets to
> be connected without erroneous DRC errors. Not played with it yet.

> It's coming to the crunch time when my free trial license runs out and
> Elison's comments exactly matched what I thought at the beginning - "I
> fall in love with it and then find I can't afford it.  I also would have
> my time evaluating the demo." I asked the Tsien people again and again
> the pricing. It is leased at  250 a year which includes all the new
> no capital outlay - it's pin money.
> For the record, I have no personal connections with Tsien.
> Kiernan Fitzpatrick
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