Bob Wolfe wrote
> I do feel the VeriBest router still beats Specctra though.
> If you really look at this program it runs circles around
> anything else for interactive routing.

Not just interactive routing , there is more to interactive routing than
placing traces.  Mentor understands dedign rules with High speed,  delay,
capacitance, parrallel rules, timing etc.   It follows all the rules.  These
are  the tools I need.

>I find it hard to believe you can't take in a netlist though??

Hard to believe  its true.  I even went to a full day workshop for Mentor,
The reps choked when I asked them if  it supported an external  netlist.   I
would have purchased the product two months ago if it did.

You are right about pricing   ....Purchase Protel for 10K ( or whatever)
then add 45 K for a real router.  I wish Protel would just stop what ever
they are trying to do with this router project.  Start from scratch..
First line of code should read..  "Once upon a time".   Develop the router
as a separate product  Then market it as a separate product.    Reason,   it
would support new useres, old users,  even other programs that still rely on
Spectra, ie Accel.   Dont think for a minute that Altium didnt redesign DXP
without  hooks into Accel .        They have two products, they wouldnt
dream of developing two product lines  at this point.   So the router has to
be compatible with product B.          I have preferences to use a seperate
computer to do routing.   It allows me to contunue with other projects while
routing.    Integrated routers sound good in theory but for me it doesnt
work well.   .  I may be part of a small exception.

Does anyone out there know of a conversion program that can take the 99SE
rules  text file and can convert it to  a file  with net classes
included?    Right now this may be my  best alternative to routing.

Mike Reagan

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