Hi All,

Just had a very scary thing happen to me, and I am not quite sure where to
report it, since it appears that the DXP Forum has dissappeared (or been
very quiet), so I am posting this to PEDA, DXP Fourm (if it is still there)
and the closed DXP Pre Release Fourm.

I occasionaly have short circuits in the brain, which cause me to do wierd
things, and one of those was to delete everything outside the boarder of my
current pcb so that I could get a "larger print" using the "PRINT PREVIEW"
thingie, and usually after doing this I just do not "save" the PCB file, but
rather just trash the "deletions" which leaves me back wit the original file
with all of my goodies still there when I reopen the PCB.

This time however, in a mentally unknown state, I actually "saved" the file,
and hence I actually ended up really deleating the stuff I only wanted to
temporarily delete.

Here comes the problem.

I went into Power Desk 4 Pro (souped up MS Exploder), and found the backup
of the file I was looking for, and double clicked on it, and . . .

OH!  *&$%#*^~+  -   8^{

DXP opened the file instead of Protel 99 SE !

It appears that inspite of everybody saying it was safe to install DXP along
side of Protel 99 SE, and that there would be no interactions or problems,
it appears that DXP took it for granted that I wanted it to trash all of my
Protel 99 SE files.

Actually, I am not sure whether it was DXP or me that trashed the file, but
by the time I got out of DXP the file was gone, quite possibly renamed (was
a backup extention to begin with), or who knows what. Maybe it is actually
there somewhere under another name or in a new directory. By the way, while
I did not use the Task Manager to kill DXP, I did panic when I saw messages
indicating it was altering items in the file, and I do think that at that
point I may have done a cntl-C or a cntl-break, or who knows what, but DXP
did come crashing down, and it may have actually been my fault.

Possibly had I just lefr everything alone, I would not have lost the file.

Anyway, while I may be able to restore the "defaults" that invoke processes
based on file extensions so that it would point everything that DXP might
have changed, back to Protel 99 SE, where they were, and where I want them,
I am just not sure of what would be on that list.

If anyone out there has any suggestions, I would apprecieate it.

In the mean time, beware that if you try and launch some Protel 99 SE files
from anywhare besides Protel 99 SE, that you might just get DXP instead, if
you have it installed on your machine.

Altium, care to weigh in on this one?

JaMi Smith

PS. I had a lot of crashes last night before I gave up and went to bed at 6
AM, and as a result of that, all of my more recent automatic backups were
totally useless, but the oldest one did infact have the "data" outside of
the "board perimeter" that I was looking for, which I was able to open and
"copy", which was probably the best of all possible outcomes, since I do not
know the individual condition of any of those other backups ,or what may
have been missing on any of those other backups, and this way, I kept the
one database I knew was good, and copied in the last remaining copy of the
data that I had deleted, back into it.  Interestingly, there was only the
one original backup in the local directory, the one that DXP ate, and this
was probably, or should I say possibly, due to the previous crashes last



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