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Subject: Re: [PEDA] Warning to DXP Users re P99SE files

> The DXP list is alive and well I think, not sure why you think it's
> dead. Maybe you've been kicked off! (Just kidding)

Altium USA is looking into why I have not received any posts from that forum
for the last few days.

> What was the file type you opened which launched DXP? I don't think it
> could have been a DDB file. (I can't remember if you use DDBs or not)

It was a "Backup of PCB1.pcb" file, and these are currently opened on my
system by DXP as I now know.

Oh Great! I just had my first crash in DXP!

I was just opening a ".pcb" dile as an experiment as I am writing this
email, and I opened a file, thought it was done loading, hit the big X, and
got my favorite "Client 99 is not responding" message, except it said "DXP
is not responding"!


Now that is really wierd, the message has just went away all by itself after
sitting there for a minutes on the other system as I write this email!


> How many backups do you have the system save? I think I'm set to 3
> (might be default)

5 - but please remember that I had been having crashes on that file the
night before when I was trying do do a "Print Preview", probably due to the
size and detail of the polygons in it, and so 4 of those backups were NG.

> Why did DXP 'trash' your file? When I dbl-click on one of the 99SE
> backup (the ones that are spun off to the drive as separate SCH and PCB
> files) DXP does open it true, but it just opens it; it doesn't delete it
> or write it, or trash it.

I think that it may have trashed it because I interrupted it, and I cant't
really remember how I did that (cntl-C, cntl-break, cntl-alt-del???), all I
know is that when I went looking for the file again, it wasn't there, and it
was the only ".pcb" file in the local directory for that pcb, (no "previous
..." files, which I attribute to the crashes the night before).

> I'm curious as to how the trashing happened and what exactly you mean by
> that.

When I first noticed that it was being opened by DXP instead of Protel 99
SE, it really got my attention, and then when a little message popped up and
stated that something was being changed or updated or replaced or something,
I started looking for ways to stop it. When it did stop, the file was gone.
It quite possibly was my fault, and as I said before, maybe I would not have
lost the file if I had left everything alone.

The issue here is that we all know Murphys' Law, and we know that Murphy
will strike when he can, but I was not prepared to have DXP open my only
".pcb" backup, or change my only ".pcb" backup as it told me it was somehow
doing, nor loose my only ".pcb" backup (which again may be my fault).

All I know, is that I lost my file and I lost alot of time, but I am not
really complaining, because it happens.

I am not really bitching or complaining about this, but really trying to
warn others so that they don't have this happen to them.

I know that if I ever have this kind of problem again in the future, that I
will make a copy of the backup, make it "read only", anf probably rename it,
all before I attempt to do anything with it.

More than anything, this has been a lesson to me to be a little more
careful, and I am simply trying to pass that lesson on.

What is ironic here, is that there may have been a ".bak" file of the entire
database sitting there staring me in the face all the time that I never
thought to look for, which may have been the real answer to my simply
wanting to back up one step and "undelete" my "undelete".

Anyway, now I know that DXP will open those files, and I will simply have to
be more careful.

Notifying others of this was the intent of the post.

I probably will in fact change the settings for opening a ".pbc" file pack
to P99SE once I get a chance to spend some time on the issue.

Anyway, now need t go reboot the other system (to make sure that DXP crash
didnt do anything) and put the finishing touches on the "board from hell".


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