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>Yeah, it seems to be pointing at a problem with the synchronizer when used
>in "nets and ports global" mode.  I think Brad mentioned it worked ok if he
>went via the netlist method (while using separate sheets).
>As I said in an earlier post using nets and ports global is the only time I
>have experienced this.

I have been following this thread but have had no significant suggestions 
other than those already given.

My experience:
1) I have never seen this issue (duplicate nets in PCB)
2) I almost always use "nets and ports global" (see below)
3) I have been using the synchronizer since it first appeared, I do not 
think I have used Netlist Load since then except for some debugging of a 
synch problem for another user.
(The solution in that case was to clear the hidden handles by Saving-As 
ASCII format.  The problem in that case was due to mixing the synch with 
net list loads - choose one and stick with it, or make sure you clear the 
hidden handles if changing about.)

I have yet to do a design where I have so many channels that I am tempted 
to use a full hierarchical sch structure (the P99SE system of flattening 
designs is not really maintainable).  I satisfy design re-use by copy and 
paste.  I would normally design my sch to have full net/port/sheet entry 
connections with all the correct input/output types and top level 
interconnections.  I would then do a full ERC with the most restricted net 
scope and make sure all is OK. But when I go to the PCB I would drop back 
to "nets and ports global".  I will also usually make sure that an Update 
PCB produces only expected macros when I use *any* of the sensible scopes.

I have seen a few cases of the synch failing - one was due to mixed use of 
Netlist load between synchs, the other was one component causing some odd 
macros.  Deleting and re-adding the component fixed the problem.  We could 
not easily go back to replicate the issue and the board could not be 
released for others to look at.

I certainly have never had to do anything like copy all the sections of a 
design to one sheet.

I wonder if there is a breakdown in the hierarchy of the system rather than 
the synch itself.

Brad, does/did the hierarchy look OK?
You can get a report on the hierarchy.
Does this produce the expected result?
What about BOM reports from the SCH?
Are they OK?

Does the problem persist after you save the Sch sheets as ASCII and then 
close and re-open?
Does saving a particular sheet as ASCII and re-opening fix it (is the 
problem related to one sheet)?

I know you said the Netlist load seemed to work OK so some of these next 
ones may be pointless.
Have you created a netlist and looked at it?
When you create a netlist there is some options for tracing the netlister 
as it does its business.
What do you see when you turn on tracing (and look at the reports)?


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