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> i made this assumption simply because i was recently (slightly)
> intrigued by the possibility of using the comment field somehow for
> notes.
> the comment field is not exposed in the PCB lib editor, but of course it
> is in the PCB editor

I just made a few small libraries, 1 SCH with 4 symbols, and  1 PCB with 5
components, all of which came from the Protel Libraries to begin with.

I made a couple of small innocious changes to each library to get it to
generate binary backups in the default directory.

I loaded these into DOS "debug" with the output redirected to a text file,
and then did a dump in the "debug" hex / ASCII screen format.

The SCH lib file (2,956 Bytes) is about 3 pages when sent to the printer,
and is rather simple. Probavly could be completely decoded in 38 minutes.
The file format seems to have very few "parameters" for the library at the
beginning of the file, and even less for each individual symbol. Very basic
stick and circle stuff here, probably with a few "pin" names, numbers, and
locations thrown in, but very very basic. No room for any extra
"intelligence" here.

The PCB lib file (28,529 Bytes) is some 29 pages when sent to the printer,
and while an extremely large part of this "data" is already ASCII, and
directly readable, it appears that about 17 pages of this entire HEX dump
relates to the parameters or settings in the Library itself, and the
remaining related to the individual components, which range from about 1 to
3 pages for a simple SMT CAP (0603, 0805, 1206), and about 2 pages for a
simple thru hole part. The primary difference here is that it appears that
each component here seems to carry a ton of its own individual parameters,
which possibly could include the "comment field" that you are talking about.

I would have to spend a lot more time analyzing the hex dump of the binary,
and directly comparing it against the ASCII export of a simple drawing (PCB
or SCH) to make any further direct assumptions, other than to say that PCB
and SCH libraries are very dissimilar beasts.

Basically, it would appear that for the SCH file at least (but possibly even
for the PCB), that any "comment" or any such information appears to be
stored in the file itself (possibly somehow attached to the symbol (or
component)), as opposed to being stored in the library symbol (or component)


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