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> More important would be, I think, to ask - what for?
> I'm truly curious to know.
> With the possibility (of which you know) to make a library from project
> (either SCH or PCB) I, personally, would't go the other way unless there
> some clear advantages.
> I'm not trying to say that what you want would be useless - I just cannot
> justify effort/profit proportions. Perhaps I'm missing something.

>From time to time there is a need to "copy" a lot of "drawings" from one EDA
System to another, for some reason or another. These "drawings" may be in
the form of schematics or pcb layouts, etc., which have a large graphical
content, usually accompanied by some form of "intelligence" in the form of
"connectivity" or other related characteristics such as "groupings" or
"locations" of data, or identifying characteristics associated with
individual graphical elements (such as those which define a segment of trace
as being associated with a net, as opposed to simply being a "dumb" line of
a certain width).

Usually, these drawings contain "symbols" and/or "details" which may be
defined once and replicated, and sometimes stored separately in individual

Hence, one major part of transferring these "drawings" from one EDA System
to another, is being able to "access" these individual "symbols" or
"details" within the libraries of one EDA System so as to be able to
transfer them to another System. It may well be that you only want to
transfer the "symbols" from one System to another, such as from a legacy
system to a newer system, etc., and it makes it easy be able to at least be
able to get the "graphics" and the location of the "pins/pads/terminals" and
be able to "transport" those items between systems.

For example, you might have an old Cadnetix System with a lot of symbols
that you would like to somehow "transfer" to your Protel, or you may have a
lot of legacy stuff in Protel that you want to "transfer" to your new
replacement Mentor Expedition System, etc.. Or you may simply want to make
an elaborate symbol out of something that resides in a "dumb" format (what I
would call a "stick and circle" format, such as AutoCAD), and "import" the
graphics without having to redraw them (or vice versa).

In any of these cases, it would be nice to be able to "harvest" the
"graphical" and other data from one EDA System, which, if the format is
known, can be done easily and automatically by a simple program, and
"rearrange" that data and "supply" it to another EDA System by simply
presenting it in the proper format required by new System, again
automatically, by a simple program.

While on the one hand, it may be easier to simply remake a few "symbols",
and redraw a few "drawings", if there are only a few "drawings" and
"symbols" involved, once the number of items to be redone meets moderate
proportions, then the automation avenue comes into question. Once the time
and energy is expended in that respect, and you then have a software
"translator", it becomes an easy task to use the "translator" even when you
only have the one or two items to do.

I mean just think of all of the people out there who are using Mentor
Expedition who would love to change over to Protel 99 SE if a "translator"
were available to "convert" all of their "drawings".


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