Ok I may be about to stick my neck out and also stick my foot in my mouth
here, so please go easy on me in the reply department.

While I am not totally up to date on this or related threads which deal with
importing and / or exporting saving either PCB or Schematic library files in
ASCII, there is an old trick that I used back in the mid eighties on some
conversion software that I think might be applicable here.

Protel has the ability to "create" a "library" from either a PCB (file) or a
Schematic (file).

Conversly, you have the ability to "place" any library "component" from an
existing PCB library or Schematic library into a "dummy" PCB file or "dummy"
Schematic (file).

We do appear to have the ability to "import" and "export" both PCB files and
Schematic Files in at least some form of ASCII format of at least some
version of some format or another.

The most obvious thing here, is that you can "import" or "export" library
items while they are imbedded in an ASCII "import" or "export" of either a
PCB or a Schematic, and then recover library components or symbols from, or
place them into, a design, as appropriate to get things into or out of a
"library" or whatever kind is required.

Additionally, it may be a simple thing to access some of these "comment" or
other fields that appear in a library component or symbol, by symply saving
a design in ASCII, and then editing what you need to edit and then
reimporting the whole thing.

Anyway, there seem to be numerous avenues to do things when you take the
approach of accessing the library indirectly via the design file as it were.

One other possible avenue of thought is whether Protel can directly read
older versions of ASCII files, which may not explicitly be stated to be
supported, but which it can read anyway, and which would not be considered
an "import" function. In other words, is there an older version of ASCII
libraries files that Protel may still be able to read, even though it may
not be known or documented.

Of course, on the other hand, maybe now is the time to crack / decode the
"binary file format", so that we can write a bunch of little programs to do
the things that we want to do directly, so that we can simply generate
Protel compatible binary files of the items that we want and call them
library files and open them directly.

Before we all go off and write little programs to generate or convert binary
files, is their some industry standard that provides a standard ASCII format
for library components (either PCB or Schematic), such as possibly EDIF
(which I know nothing about)?

Food for thought.

JaMi Smith

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> yes, i just assumed he was referring to PCB libraries which you cannot
> save as ASCII
> i made this assumption simply because i was recently (slightly)
> intrigued by the possibility of using the comment field somehow for
> notes.
> the comment field is not exposed in the PCB lib editor, but of course it
> is in the PCB editor
> it seemed to me that the data area must be reserved in the PCB lib part
> so i tried to save as ascii to examine it
> and was surprised that that function was not available
> Dennis Saputelli
> Steve Wiseman wrote:
> >
> > 05/10/2002 19:16:27, "Dennis Saputelli"
> > <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> >
> > >i don't think you can
> >
> > Er, File -> Save As -> Format: Advanced Schematic Ascii Library (*.asc)
> > seems to do the job.
> >
> > PCB libraries, I dunno...
> >
> > Steve
> >
> > "Peder K. Hellegaard" wrote:
> > >
> > > How do you save/export Protel 99SE library files in ascii format ?????
> > >
> >
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