For years I've experienced problems copying schematics into MS Word and
other Windows applications.
The short story is:
 Watch out when using WMF graphics (such as company logos) in your schematic
templates!  They can corrupt the cut/paste process.

The long story:
Specifically, I had trouble cutting and pasting most schematics from Protel
99SE (every version) to virtually any Windows based application (under
Windows 95 and 2000).

Typical symptoms were:
 changing fonts and rotation of text.
 misaligned overscores on pin names.
 arcs and lines changing into circles.
 schematics that preview OK in MS Word but print outside the page margins.

Copying to intermediate applications such as other MS Office applications,
Corel Draw, etc didn't help (they just produce different errors).

In the end I gave up and stapled the circuits printed directly from Protel
into the back of the MS WORD manual (sacrificing the ability to produce a
single document with proper page numbers, index and table entries, and the
ability to produce a nice PDF document containing everything).

After a lot of experimentation and loss of hair I've finally twigged that
the schematics would cut and paste OK provided the company logo was missing
(usually because the logo file was not in the same folder as a new project).
The logo was a WMF (Windows Meta File) embedded in the schematic template
that I use for all schematics.  All the troubles went away when I either
deleted the WMF logo file or converted it to a BMP bitmap format (and then
saved and updated all the schematics in the project with the new template). 

Although Protel 99SE could display and print the logo itself, it was
corrupting the Windows Meta File that was placed on the Windows clipboard
during cut&paste.

I'd be interested to hear if anyone knows of a Windows tool that can analyse
or list the contents of WMF files, as I'm curious to see what was wrong with
the logo file or Protel's interpretation of it.

Mark Harrison,
The Bionic Ear Institute
Melbourne, Australia

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