While there may be some way somewhere to make Protel ignore those dogbones
and vias, DRC wise, I don't think that there is a way to do it easily short
of putting them on the schematic, possibly as test points, so that each of
them actually becomes a real "net" it the netlist. You could turn off some
of your Design Rules, but that would really just be asking for more trouble.

Myself, I have had the very same problem with the identical requirements
(needing to take each BGA contact to the back of the board with a via), and
I just live with the errors. I have accepted the fact that even if I were to
do a perfect board in Protel 99 SE, that there would still be some little
DRC error somewhere. Protel DRC just doesn't map to reality in all cases, as
there is always some need for some special requirement that Protel just
can't handle, so you look at the DRC error, and accept it as is, and live
with the error in the report file and that little iridescent glow here and
there on the on the screen. I find that the trick for me is to "reset" the
errors once I have examined them, and that way they are not just sitting
there staring me in the face as I continue working on the design.

Respecting the layer stack up, I myself would prefer to go with 2 outer
routing layers, 2 planes under that on each side, and then another 2 routing
layers in the middle.

But before you even get that far, I think that you need to ask whether any
of the signals may have any special requirements, such as controlled
impedance, or matched lengths, or isolation, or the necessity to be routed
over a specific plane.

I would also suggest that you definitely look into using separate complete
layers for power and ground under your BGA as opposed to trying to juggle
split planes.

It may well be that due to the type of signals you are dealing with (LVDS /
high speed / controlled impedance / susceptible to crosstalk), you might
have to go with isolating the internal signal routing layers as layers 3 and
6 with the two power layers as 4 and 5.

What type and size of BGA are you dealing with? Any special routing


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Subject: [PEDA] eight-layer stackup

> Anyone have a preferred method of stackup guidelines of web references to
> layer stackups for 8 layers using four power planes and four signal
> I am torn between two methods being that I have two internal power planes.
> Thanks for any help!
>  Also I have a couple of BGA's on this layout and when I run (using
> Protel99SE) my DRC everything is great other than the "dogbones" I had to
> route to the via on all the unused pins of the BGA. Any way to create
> for this so I do not get violations during DRC?
> Thanks again!
> MichaelB

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