I won't say much about the reference mentioned other than to
say that I have put that author's books into long term storage.

References that are on my desk include:

"High Speed Digital Design" by Stephen Hall, Garrett Hall & James McCall
"Noise Reduction Techniques in Electronic Systems" by Henry W. Ott
plus the two Black Magic books by Johnson and Graham.

On the subject of stackups, as far as I'm concerned every design is
different and requires a planned individual stackup. Issues that
my stackup planning (beyond having sufficient routing room) include:

1/ The proportion of critical traces (clocks, fast-edge traces and any
other controlled impedance connections) to ordinary stuff. This will
determine how many of your signal layers need to be controlled

2/ Total board thickness. Thin boards (e.g. PC-Cards) severely limit
stackup design options.

3/ Analog signals. I do a lot of RF work where I need signals to always
reference the same ground plane (since the inductance of vias and
possibly capacitors to shift return currents from one reference plane
to another is a big factor).

4/ EMC sensitivity. Some designs will always be in a metal enclosure,
while others need to be EMC quiet from the get-go. (Of course, all
designs should be in the latter category... :-)

5/ Whether fast propagating signals are required. Surface microstrip
structures will propagate faster than buried microstrip or stripline
traces. They'll also radiate more...

6/ Whether the nature of the design will allow outer layer ground as a
(somewhat perforated) plane.

7/ Whether blind and/or buried vias are allowed.

John Haddy

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The "text book" standard that  is

1    signal
2    gnd
3    signal
4    gnd
5    pwr
6    signal
7    pwr
8    signal

thou never actually using 8 layers this is all i can give you. Hope it 


BTW  the reference is PCB design techniques for emc compliance by mark 
montrose. 2nd Edition

Michael Biggs wrote:

> Anyone have a preferred method of stackup guidelines of web references

>to layer stackups for 8 layers using four power planes and four signal 
>layers? I am torn between two methods being that I have two internal 
>power planes. Thanks for any help!  Also I have a couple of BGA's on 
>this layout and when I run (using
>Protel99SE) my DRC everything is great other than the "dogbones" I had 
>to route to the via on all the unused pins of the BGA. Any way to 
>create rules for this so I do not get violations during DRC? Thanks 

Nathan Horsfield 
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