It may be worth a quick check of the Linux world.  You may be able to
find source code that may be (mostly) adaptable.   There are several books
on writing windows device drivers out there.  With a bit of cutting
and pasting from one into the other,  you may get something that will work.

I'm also wondering,  if there is native Linux support for this printer,
if might be possible to run SAMBA on a Linux box as a print server.
This might not solve all the problems,  as I'm not sure how much a
local App/OS may need to know about a shared network printers
resources,  in order to print to it.  May still need a local printer
driver,  not quite sure how this works.  Ideas,  anyway.


BTS> Yeah, I have tried several Epson LQ models with negative results so far.  An
BTS> IBM Proprinter emulation worked, but gave ugly results.  The Toshiba P351 is
BTS> a 24-pin dot matrix, and IIRC the IBM Proprinter was 9-pin.  When using
BTS> Proprinter emulation, the Toshiba gives the same ugly results as a real
BTS> Proprinter!

BTS> Does anyone know how a Windows printer driver is written?  I sure would like
BTS> to print my schematics on this Toshiba wide carriage printer.  If I can find
BTS> instructions on how to write a printer driver, I might do it if it's not too
BTS> tough.  Alternatively, does anyone know how to put a Win95 printer driver on
BTS> a W2K box?

BTS> Yes, I know I could just buy a wide carriage inkjet, but where's the fun in
BTS> that?

BTS> Best regards,
BTS> Ivan Baggett
BTS> Bagotronix Inc.
BTS> website:  www.bagotronix.com

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BTS> From: "Harry Selfridge" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
BTS> To: "Protel EDA Forum" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
BTS> Sent: Wednesday, July 09, 2003 6:11 PM
BTS> Subject: [PEDA] Printer Driver (was - Protel EDA Forum... was adjacent
BTS> component placement D XP)

>> Ivan -
>> I never tried with a Toshiba, but I had good luck using Epson drivers for
>> other old dot matrix printers.  Looking at the Toshiba P351 description,
BTS> it
>> appears that an Epson LQ series driver might work (they were/are also 24
>> pin).  Epson was the dot matrix market leader for so long that many other
>> vendors adopted compatible printer command sets (kind of like Hayes modem
>> commands becoming the standard for other modems).
>> If I were you, I would experiment by installing a Win2K Epson LQ driver.
>> Your Protel99SE file will probably print just fine pretending the Toshiba
>> is an Epson.
>> Regards - Harry

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