I already checked the website.  No support for Toshiba
P351 in CUPS or Foomatic.  They don't even list the Toshiba brand at all.

If I knew how to write a printer driver for either Linux or Windows, and it
wasn't too difficult, I'd do it and give the printer driver away to the
world.  There must be a fair number of Toshiba P351, P351SX, Tandy DMP2100,
etc. still out there and still functional.  BTW, the Tandy DMP2100 was a
rebranded Toshiba.  I remember one of the places I worked in college bought
a Tandy DMP2100 (the boss was a Tandy computer fanboy), and I was tasked
with writing some custom printing software to print out and enumerate
charity event tickets.  Using Tandy Basic and the DMP2100 manual, in about 6
hours of programming I had some awesome looking tickets.  But that was ROM
Basic, pre-PC, and oh-so-long ago...

I've never written a device driver for Windows or Linux before, only DOS.
So the learning curve might be a bit much for me, unless someone knows of a
"fill-in-the-table-cells-and-then-compile" approach to it.

Best regards,
Ivan Baggett
Bagotronix Inc.

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> Ivan,
> It may be worth a quick check of the Linux world.  You may be able to
> find source code that may be (mostly) adaptable.   There are several books
> on writing windows device drivers out there.  With a bit of cutting
> and pasting from one into the other,  you may get something that will
> I'm also wondering,  if there is native Linux support for this printer,
> if might be possible to run SAMBA on a Linux box as a print server.
> This might not solve all the problems,  as I'm not sure how much a
> local App/OS may need to know about a shared network printers
> resources,  in order to print to it.  May still need a local printer
> driver,  not quite sure how this works.  Ideas,  anyway.
> ---Phil

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