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> Hi all,
>       I've just been handed a rather large board with quite a 
> few individual GND polygons on it (35 to be exact). I've been 
> asked to clean it up so we can have a prototype made. Every 
> time I make a change to the board, (ie, move track, delete 
> fill etc..etc..), after the edit, it sits there for about 6 
> seconds with " Analysing GND" in the status bar at the 
> bottom, and then all is well until the next edit. 
>       I've turned off all online DRC checks, and anything 
> else I could think of, to no avail. I'm pulling my hair out 
> trying to get this done (and there's a lot to do...).


Some ideas for you.

I have had some issues on this before with polygons made up of a bad
selection of grid size vs trace width. If you do not need to get in and
around some tight spaces keep the trace width as big as possible and
have a reasonable overlap on the grid. 

The analysing GND issue I have seen when a single layer has been
populated with multiple polygons connected to the same net & overlapping
to maintain connectivity. There are other cases where this can happen
but I have found this to be the most common. 

Seems the connectivity engine gets confused, or has to work a lot harder
when presented with multiple, overlapping polygon boundaries (same net).
In some cases this can be the same polygon but with boundary points that
intersect (seen this on some designs using star grounds where the
connection to gnd was just polygon overlap). 

In some circumstances it may be preferable to pour multiple, same net
polygons on the same layer that overlap but if you can use a single
polygon (same net) and draw the boundaries to suit any splits or return
path needs it will help a lot.

Same issues if someone has poured a polygon of 0 or near zero size and
it is either isolated (can never be connected) or is inside another
polygon boundary. 

But 35 individual polygons of same net? That's a lot, is it possible for
you just to clear them out (Use Edit, Query Manger to build a selection
up for all your polygons on all layers of net GND and delete them?).

The saving in time to delete all and re-pour against working as is,
needs to be up to you. (use Query Manager to make sure you nail all
polygons for deletion including zero or non visible ones). 

Hope this helps at least a little.

Best Regards

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