Still running Win98 as you had stated in your earlier messages? That would be the most 
common reason for your crashes if you are still running Win98. 99SE SP6 will run quite 
stably on WIN2000 Pro. Pretty stable NT4.
Brad Velander

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        You know , i have have my own confusion both self afflicted and for using 
Protel.,Since i join this company i has been told to use Protel but the fact is that 
it seem to me Protel's old and new version do not alleviate anything much other than 
cosmetic and workaround change as the main sunject matter.Imagine all the feature it 
got but some is quite unusable for what it intended to be,and i still didnt know why 
my Protel 99SE with service pack 6 still crash even thought i have 256 mb ram on a 
Asus board with Pentium 4 at 2.4Ghz.It happen on multiple machines both new and old 
and i dont think the problem is with the Nvidia's graphic engine.


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