On 06:53 PM 25/09/2003, Laurie Biddulph said:
I had a quick look on the archive and eventually found some references to SafeSource (a Microsoft product) which is a Version Management System.

I followed that up with a further search and found a program called CVS (Concurrent Version Systems) which is free and might be worth looking at (I am trying it out myself at the moment).

Goto to www.cvsnt.org for further information

There are lots of version control systems around, but they don't, generally, do issue management (or manage BOMs and assemblies etc).

Have a look under version control systems on sourceforge (http://sourceforge.net/) for open source version control system by the bucket full. The link to the version control development projects is:

This one does some neat tricks (check-in/out with right clicks in Explorer) - it is a Win32 GUI for CVS (CVS is not known for its ease of use and has spawned numerous front ends):

If you think you will ever use DXP then make sure there is an SCC interface for your version control system as it will allow you to check-in and out from within the DXP environment.

If anyone did offer a complete version control, BOM and assembly management, parts inventory and issue management system you can be sure it would be so large and over-wieldy that "normal" users would quickly go off and bolt together a system from bits and pieces. Nice idea though.


(Visual SourceSafe is the MS version control system - it has some nice features but is denigrated by many (probably the usual anti-MS suspects - no shortage of those). What I want is an open source package that can open a VSS archive. I have one I am keen to open but don't have VSS. Does anyone have VSS, and knows whether it is possible to export a VSS archive into another format (preserving history, branches etc), and would be prepared to do a once off load and export? Thanks)

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