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IMO, the software world is in terrible shape.  The main reason free software
exists is because some users got tired of being endlessly gouged by
commercial software developers' prices and their lack of concern about
fixing bugs, and decided to write their own stuff.

Yes, and it has to be REALLY bad, too! Notice that practically nobody builds
their own car, although the reliability of US-label cars is APALLING! Practically
nobody builds their own computer (with FPGAs, or hand soldering chips, etc.),
although what you can buy seems pretty good, so maybe there's no incentive.

But, people are maintaining an entire multi-user, multi-tasking OS, because
the market "leader" is such a heap of rubbish! And, they've done a FANTASTIC
job of it, too!

 That's great, but the
problem with much of the free software is that it's poorly documented, very
rough around the edges, and sometimes missing many needed features.

Gee, are you sure that doesn't apply to Protel 99SE? I know what you mean, I've
seen some of this, but there are also projects that are WELL documented, work
exactly as advertised, and most of what you need IS there.

I really have no serious complaints with P99SE schematic and PCB. A few small quibbles,
but almost everything there works well. I could make it work even better for me if
I took 2 weeks and built a completely new set of sch and pcb libraries that are
totally consistant across the two, for footprints, pin designators, etc.

Much of the stuff I find is really buggy is the PLD section and I've just found a really
annoying bug in the VHDL export. EDIF export is totally unusable, there are so many
mistakes in the EDIF output format that I'd have to write an entire compiler to fix
them. The VHDL output is nearly perfect, it just locks up almost every time you
use it the 2nd time in a session. I'll bet that would be a one-line fix! Just reset the
state of some database, or something, before running the VHDL module itself.


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