The position you describe below is exactly (almost verbatum) the
position that I was taking in a previous post (Subject Thread = License
Legalities, beginning 9/4/03), where Mr. Lomax was trying to take yet a
different position, and I was here chiding him for what I preceived to
be a difference in his position, and where he now actually appears to be
trying to say that my position is less than legal or less than ethical.

I invite you to go back in the archive and read the other posts, where
he seems to think that "licensing" has nothing to do with it, but that
it all boils down to a matter of "copyright law", which he believes is
bogus anyway, and which to him means that it is alright in his eyes for
an employee to make a copy of his employers Protel CD ROM that may be
stored in the desk that he is assigned to sit at, whether he asks his
employer or not.

This was not a question of what the employer as the owner of the license
has a right to do (which includes allowing the employee install it on
his home computer if the employer so choses (I also originally pointed
out the "one person operating it at a time" limitation of the license in
the previous posts)), but a question of what the employee had the right
to do without even asking his employer.

I have not actually had the time ro respond to the last round in the
previous thread, and that is why I was asking him to stay on topic here.


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> At 03:18 PM 10/17/2003 -0700, JaMi Smith wrote: (Referring to Mr
> >What the hell are you talking about?
> >
> >Aren't you the guy that has said that it is legitimate for an
> >to take his employers Protel 99 SE CD ROM home and install it on his
> >personal machine (or make a copy for himself), and then do whatever
> >wants to with Protel 99 SE at home?
> >
> >That is of known illegality, and absolutely unquestionably unethical.
> I just want to point out Jami, that Protel has told me more than once
that it is FINE with them to install Protel on more than one machine as
long as only one copy is in use at a time.  This includes taking a
company copy home to install on your home computer and use at night, as
long as the licence is only in use at one place at a time.  I don't
believe that their policy on this has changed.  I can't imagine how this
could be unethical.
> Another company, AWR's Microwave Office also supports this.  In fact,
since their software is locked to the MAC address of your NIC, they will
actually issue you a free second "home licence" as they call it for your
non-concurrent use on your home computer at night and weekends.
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