At 09:42 PM 12/19/2003, Dennis Saputelli wrote:
i once had a power port symbol "+12V2" connected to one end of
a resistor

the rest of the board was all "+12V" for that power and i didn't
notice it
good 'ol cut and paste - it wasn't my fault! :)

anyway the resistor didn't go anywhere on one end
and in the usual mad proto rush it was shipped because the
DRC was happy

DRC would be happy, but a properly configured ERC would not. I always have ERC report unconnected pins, and I nail them all down: if there is a deliberately unconnected pin, I place a No-ERC directive on it, which from then on suppresses the ERC report.

does DXP catch this ?

Since 99SE would, I assume DXP also would.

BTW, this is not a 'single pin net' since the netlist shows 2

the 'isolated' power port counts kind of like a 'pin'

No, I don't think so, unless ERC is misconfigured. Normally, writing here, I'd check this, but time is short today. But even if ERC will detect such single pin nets, there is still a problem; what if there had been, say, a capacitor also connected to +12V2? DXP is not, I am sure, going to catch this. But there are procedures that could use 99SE/DXP tools to make it easy to find such problems. But you still have to remember to look for them.

i poked around a bit in 99SE and couldn't find a way to flag it

yes manually inspecting the netlist would have caught it and
truthfully isn't very hard to scan through even a big net list
for this sort of thing

I used to always run an NC pin list from PCB, it was part of the Tango DRC options. A resistor appearing in that list would be a big red flag. It can be a very good idea to look at a list of nets (not a full net list but a list of net names) to see if there are any oddities, like


(Yes, those are different! If they weren't, they wouldn't show up as two entries in the list, would they? A really sophisticated ERC/DRC would generate a warning if there were such similar net names)

and for the record ...
at one time i may have been in the DXP-basher camp (some time ago)

at this point since i have not used DXP much i don't think it would
be objective or fair for me to bash
i hope i have not lately presented such an attitude

i would prefer to be categorized as simply a non-DXP user who is
very reluctant to 'move on' based on what i saw during a few
brief forays

when 2004 ships i intend to give it another go

Since I'm exploring DXP now, I'm thinking of writing a 99SE -> DXP training document, that focuses on informing an experienced 99SE user how to move to DXP....

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