At 07:53 PM 12/19/2003, Tony Karavidas wrote:
There are so many reasons voiced as to why to not move to DXP.
Here is one reason TO MOVE to DXP. It now checks for that error.

Actually, I know only two reasons, legitimately, not to move to DXP if you are currently a 99SE user.

(1) You don't have time for retraining right now *and*
(2) You can't spare the cash right now.

Any others?

If you aren't going to use DXP yet, because you can't afford what may be a temporary drop in productivity, then there is not a huge reason to go ahead and pay for the upgrade. But I'd watch carefully: usually price increases for Protel products have been announced quite a bit of time in advance; and if the upgrade price is going to go up -- as it did just a little while ago, from $1995 to $2495 -- I'd buy before the deadline. And if they run a special, with a price decrease, I'd snatch it.

I don't know how much productivity will be lost during the switch, since I haven't really made the switch yet (though I have DXP); I just know that I *do* see problems when I try to figure out how to use DXP to do certain things that I knew well how to do in 99SE, and I know that many other users have reported the problem. I *haven't* read the manual, perhaps that would be a good place to start!

(But reading manuals doesn't necessarily do me a lot of good, I'll remember much better from hands-on experience with real design situations.)

DXP is not *radically* different from 99SE, but menus have been moved around and some procedures are different. Better, yes, it seems to be more powerful, but it is frustrating to have to relearn in order to get the improvement. Some of that may be inevitable, but it would be even better if the new program had a legacy mode that simulated the operation of 99SE; then, perhaps, there would be a configuration option that would allow easing into the DXP Way as it was convenient. Yes, that's extra programming, but I think it would have been well worth it. For one thing, there would not have been *any* 99SE users complaining about the difficulties of moving to DXP! Altium, I am sure, has lost a lot of sales because of that. The users may eventually make the move, or most of them, but there has to be a value to encouraging users to upgrade immediately instead of waiting!

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