Here is what I discovered (and concluded) some time ago:

The template definition contains just the link to the image (logo) file,
not the image itself. That link is the full file name (with path - like
C:\ ...\Image.bmp ) and points to the directory from which the image file
So every time Protel opens a schematic it searches for that image file
and it expects to be located exactly where the link points to.
One can make the link to be just the file name (like Image.bmp) - it will make
Protel to search for the image file in CURRENT DIRECTORY.

If Protel can't find the image file in the directory to which the link points to,
the logo is still displayed properly if it can be found in:
1. PROTEL'S SYSTEM DIRECTORY ( ...\Design Explorer 99 SE\System\),
2. Any directory which is in the PATH (established in environment variables),

By opening a ddb one makes the directory in which it resides the current
directory. But only if one opens it with Open Dialog.
If on opens the project from the 'Recent File' list, the current directory
may be anything and the logo isn't displayed.

As I checked earlier the solution proposed by Protel's Tech Support
(KB2421 - placing the image file inside a database) doesn't work.
It means it works, but only just after importing the image file.
The reason why after such an operation the logo IS displayed is exclusively the fact
that while importing the image file one makes the directory containing that file
the CURRENT directory.
When another directory becomes the current directory and one opens a schematic,
the logo won't show.

The solution seems to be:
   establish "fixed name" directory or network directory to keep your image file(s)
   keep your image file(s) in Protel's system directory.

IMO, the only place which is "globally" recognizable is Protel's system directory
- probably that's why Protel placed their logo there.

So, changing the link or moving the image file after moving the design to another
directory (what Jeff suggested) is not necessary.
And keeping the image file in the same directory with all ddb files (what Laurie
suggested) is not necessary too.

Wojciech Oborski

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