The problem is that the logo must be in the same folder as the DDB file(s). You will 
find that if you keep a common folder of all your DDB files along with the logo that 
it will load every time. If you then go and open a DDB in a different folder ten the 
next time Protel opens it will have been pointed to the new folder and as the logo is 
not there it will give the message you gave.

This is one of the bugs in Protel that despite having been told where the logo is in 
your `Preferences' it still ends up looking in the current folder for the file.

So either keep a common folder for all your DDB files (thats the way I do it) or put a 
copy of your logo in every folder where you have a DDB. This works with the 
Preferences fine. If you need to open/create a new DDB (even if it is only temporary) 
then make sure you create/place it in this common folder

Best Regards
Laurie Biddulph
  ----- Original Message ----- 
  From: Leo Potjewijd 
  Sent: Wednesday, May 12, 2004 2:09 AM
  Subject: [PEDA] logo in template does not show

  While experimenting with templates in P99SEsp6 I find that an included logo 
  (BMP image) does not always show up.

  If the Ddb with the templates is open, all is well. If I close that Ddb and 
  keep the design open the logo still shows, but when I open the design the 
  next day (and keep the templates Ddb closed) the logo is replaced with the 
  text "Logo IE.bmp file not found". The rest of the template shows up just fine.

  I have imported the BMP file into the design Ddb: no success.
  Design-Template-Update produces a 'file format not recognised' error.

  When I use Design-Template-SetTemplateFilename and reselect the template 
  from the templates Ddb the logo shows up again, even on sheets and Ddbs 
  that are opened afterwards. Closing the templates Ddb makes no difference.

  The handbook is not really clear on this subject, nor is the online help so 
  I suspect I missed something essential.
  Can any of you guys point me in the correct direction? Any input is greatly 

  Leo Potjewijd
  hardware designer
  Integrated Engineering B.V.

  +31 20 4620700

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