Maybe I've been doing this too long.  I find it quite easy to work on the
silkscreens while they are backward.

However, most of the customers don't feel that way about the printouts, so
such a tool would be useful in that regard.

Jeff Condit

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> At 04:35 PM 5/17/2004, Ray Mitchell wrote:
> >I was not clear.  I want to flip the entire PCB layout and be able to
> >on and modify it - not just view it.
> It should be understood that a Flip View option would allow just what Mr.
> Mitchell has stated he wants. You could work on the board while the view
> was flipped.
> There is one thing he might want to do which Flip View would *not* allow
> him to do. That is to take IP from one design and use it, flipped, in
> another design. Imagine a piece of SMT design that uses the Top layer and
> perhaps three additional inner layers below Top. The vias are all blind
> vias going no deeper than the fourth layer. Now, imagine an 8-layer board.
> Could you take the design on the Top, flip it, and put it on the bottom?
> This kind of design need is the reason why it was deemed important enough
> to attempt to create a server that would do the flip. It should be
> that simply having a flip view would be quite nice, but there are
> situations where you would really want to interchange Top and Bottom.
> However, this is not quite as simple as it might seem at first blush. What
> do you do with the inner layers? Do they flip as well? And the mech
> Obviously, everything has to mirror, but layer sequence would also be
> inverted in a proper flip. What happens to the mechanical layers? I think
> that mech layers in DXP can be paired, but this was not the case in 99SE.
> And design rules: in a complete flip everything that refers to layers
> have to flip.
> What Mr. Mitchell has not told us is *why* he wants to flip the board. If
> it is just to be able to read bottom side designators while he works on
> bottom, flip view would do the job quite well, it would not be necessary,
> just for that purpose, to go through the rather complex process of moving
> every primitive in the file.
> So, to summarize, there are two tools we'd like: Flip View, which would
> allow working on a PCB while it is viewed as a mirror image, and Flip
> Selection, perhaps, which would be a much more complex command that would
> require the specification of flip axis, depth of flip, etc.
> And neither of these is available in Protel at present, though you could
> use a mirror by the monitor....
> (unless you can get the server from Mr. Wilson, which was never
> sufficiently debugged for him to consider it reliable, if I recall

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