There is a way, and it works, but it is a slow and careful process.

You can even do the different layer vias, but you have to be real real careful and
have your wits about you so as not to either make duplicates of forget something.

I have a very long winded writeup that I started but never finished, and I could
possibly dig it up and finish it up if I can get some time here shortly.

For now I would recommend the archive.


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> On 09:14 AM 18/05/2004, Nukien said:
> >I was able to do it simply in 99SE.  Just select the entire board,
> >everything.  Then click and hold something on the board, and hit "x".  It
> >will warn you that you are about to flip a component to the other side of
> >the board, and that you shouldn't do this ...  Click yes to continue, and
> >there's your entire board, flipped.
> >
> >Umm, probably better to do this to a copy ...
> You are right you should do this to a copy as this will make an
> unmanufacturable board - you will have to reverse the direction of pins ion
> the components unless they are trivial unpolarised components. A simple 'x'
> while moving a selection is not sufficient to make a manufacturable board -
> there are a number of other steps that must be done.
> There is a method to flip a design in P99SE.  The main problem in P99SE is
> the 'L' key layer flip does not preserve the correct relationship of
> tracks, via and components.  Components are flipped to the other layer in
> place rather than about the desired location.
> There is a method of flipping a design in P99SE.  It is somewhat complex,
> or more correctly it takes a number of steps.  JaMi Smith was going to
> write it up for us all as it is basically his method with a few corrections
> thrown it.  It seems to work correctly for the main entities.  I think
> there is a small issue with dimensions but I can' recall fully. It would
> almost certainly not work on complex boards with blind and buried vias and
> complex region based rules - at least not without significant work.  You
> may be able to figure out the method by looking back through the archive
> for a thread labeled "flipping board" that started on 10/10/2002 and went
> through to about12/10/2002 (in sensible dd/mm/yyyy format :-).  Be careful
> and read fully there are corrections and mis-information throughout the thread.
> As a general alternative to flipping a board there is a simple server
> available that will allow you to see a flipped version of the board in a
> floating window:
> Look for the CSFlipViewer server
> (There are problems with my web host at the moment and has been for a few
> days, definitely time to get a new host. Keep trying if you can't get
> through initially.)
> The flip server Geoff Harland and myself were working on is very unlikely
> to be released as DXP and P2004 correctly do the layer flip ('L' key) on
> selections that include components.
> Ian Wilson

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