The original router that came with Protel 98 was just plain awful. I was
thrilled when Neuroroute came along and built some great boards with it. Of
course in those days I was using mostly .100 center dips...


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Is the autorouter in 99se sp6 really as bad as users make it out to be?

I thought NeuroRoute was the 'cat's meow'.

I remember years ago when it came out, a person who used it said they were
'tickled pink'.

tr :)

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On 11:22 PM 19/05/2004, Protel Hell said:
>the perfect CAD does not exist, for one thing, for it to be perfect would 
>require zero bugs and cost would be free, while DXP comes closer than most 
>to the latter, it is also a leader in the former
>does anybody have a worse autorouter than Protel? or is not OK to mention 
>that either?

I actually have no problem with people complaining about Protel.  I would 
prefer it was not anonymously as this is sometimes used as a mask to make 
people braver than otherwise.  People generally tend to be more careful and 
considered in their comments when they can be identified.  I also really 
like it be factual and to be constructive.

I think it is perfectly reasonable to point out where the program falls 
short of competitors.  The autorouter is a good example - it is being 
improved and some people are getting useful results, but I would be 
surprised if it was as good as the competitors and it is still quite 
slow.  I suspect my standard test board is just too hard - I will retry the 
P2004 version of the autorouter on something a little less challenging to 
see how it goes at some stage.  My Electra trial ran out (again!) before I 
could run this board through it.  (I may send it on to Pat Nystrom to see 
if he will run it through and send back the results - will you do that for 
me Pat?)


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>>Which "CAD" system are you used to working with?  I would like to hear 
>>more about your perfect CAD system.  Is it called Virtual CAD?
>>Mike Reagan

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