At 09:48 AM 5/18/2004, Protel Hell wrote:
In every schematic capture program I have used once two nodes are connected the wire moves with the nodes. If the net has a name it stays with the net as well.

I've used schematic capture programs (more than just Protel) that don't do this, but, certainly, this could be considered a desirable characteristic. Note that 99SE *does* move net labels when a wire is moved because of moving a component. If you want to move a component without moving the wires, you use Move. If you want the wires to move, you use Drag. And Drag will adjust Net Label positions if needed to keep the label on the wire.

But there may be a difference of philosophy here. In Protel, a Net Label is an independent entity, it is not merely a characteristic of a wire. You don't even need a wire; if the hot spot of a Net Label is on the hot spot of a symbol pin, a connection is created. Net Labels are used to assign net names to wires or to pins or, for that matter, to sheet entries and ports (for local use).

In Protel 99SE, if you want to Move wires and net labels together, you select them both. It is easy and fast. You are in charge. If you place a series of Net Labels on, say, a set of wires connected to a part, and you realize, hey, these are offset by one, you can select just the Net Labels and move them all as a block. This might not be so easy if Net Labels were a display of a *wire* attribute. In that case, you might have to move all the wires. It can get sticky.

With *any* CAD program, it is necessary to learn the way in which the program does things. Sometimes, with the experience of another program, we think it should be a certain way, and it is frustrating that it is not that way. Often, however, the new program has *benefits* that could not be obtained if things were done in the way which is familiar to us.

This CAD seems strange that all are independant, you can move one and the relationship is broken. While you guys are probably used to this quirck and see nothing wrong, it is very inefficient, and worse, it can cause errors.

It is very inefficient if you don't accept it and keep railing against it, instead of learning how to use it quickly. It is very efficient when it is used properly. The independence of primitives is a *strength.*

Yes, Move can cause errors by allowing wires to move independently of Net Labels. The vast majority of these errors, however, would be of a kind that generates an error or warning report. And thus is easy to find and fix.

*Anything* that gives flexibility to designers can cause errors.

But this is hardly a major source of undetected errors in Protel....

just one of many things I find very Neandertholish about Protel, and one of many reasons I believe productivity in Protel is below other CAD

Yet another reason for us to believe that Protel Hell's evaluation of Protel is biased, based on defective analysis rather than on actual measures of productivity. In other words, he *thinks* that the *way* Protel works is slower, because it isn't what he expects, therefore he "believes" that it will be "below other CAD" in productivity. But we don't seem to see this opinion among people with strong cross-platform experience

Protel is *not* a high-end system (though the price has been creeping up). There are plenty of things it won't do that you can do with other systems, including PCAD, not to mention Mentor and Allegro. If I want to do a 50-layer ceramic module, I'll be in trouble with Protel. But *in its price range* -- and for the vast majority of work that most designers will need to do -- it shines. (And PCAD is not much more expensive, Altium cut the price drastically when they bought Accel, but it is more specialized toward schematic and pcb design, whereas Protel brings more engineering support, probably a better choice for a small company that needs ease-of-use and flexibility. 99SE was a peak of ease-of-use, I'd say, DXP has gotten more complex.)

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