On 11:22 PM 19/05/2004, Protel Hell said:
the perfect CAD does not exist, for one thing, for it to be perfect would require zero bugs and cost would be free, while DXP comes closer than most to the latter, it is also a leader in the former

does anybody have a worse autorouter than Protel? or is not OK to mention that either?

I actually have no problem with people complaining about Protel. I would prefer it was not anonymously as this is sometimes used as a mask to make people braver than otherwise. People generally tend to be more careful and considered in their comments when they can be identified. I also really like it be factual and to be constructive.

I think it is perfectly reasonable to point out where the program falls short of competitors. The autorouter is a good example - it is being improved and some people are getting useful results, but I would be surprised if it was as good as the competitors and it is still quite slow. I suspect my standard test board is just too hard - I will retry the P2004 version of the autorouter on something a little less challenging to see how it goes at some stage. My Electra trial ran out (again!) before I could run this board through it. (I may send it on to Pat Nystrom to see if he will run it through and send back the results - will you do that for me Pat?)


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Which "CAD" system are you used to working with? I would like to hear more about your perfect CAD system. Is it called Virtual CAD?

Mike Reagan EDSI

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