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Protel Users,


We created the original IPC-7351 library in PADS-PowerPCB and are in the process of translating it to Protel DXP and PCAD. We are also creating the Expedition, Board Station, Zuken, Intercept – Pantheon, Electronics Workbench, Allegro and OrCAD versions with other developers and volunteers. We will be offering all the completed libraries in the download center for free.


The entire library is translated to Protel, but the Silkscreen Outlines are on the wrong layer and we need to move it to the correct layer.


So far we were able to complete all the BGA's.


There about 9,000 parts (and growing) and we need help.


If you can help with our effort, we'll have the Protel Library up sooner.


Phillip Restall in England is our VP of Product Development.


Contact [EMAIL PROTECTED] and he will send out one component family per person.


The IPC-7351 is a 3-Tier library system so there are three groups of every family.


Together we can create a "One World Library" that is proven technology and eliminate duplication of effort, reduce error rate and increase our productivity.


Here are the Protel libraries we are creating:


SML7351 – Surface Mount Least IPC-7351 – 620 parts

SMN7351 – Surface Mount Nominal IPC-7351 – 1003 parts

SMM7351 – Surface Mount Most IPC-7351 – 620 parts

SMN_MFR – Surface Mount Manufacturing Specific – 262 parts

TH – Through-hole – 480 parts

AMPAmp connectors – 388 parts

MOLEX – Molex Connectors – 4,547 parts

SAMTEC – SAMTEC Connectors - 555 parts

BERG – Berg Connectors – 31 parts

JST – JST Connectors – 40 parts

CUI-STACK – CUI-Stack Connectors – 26 parts

HIROSE – Hirose Connectors – 24 parts

CONNECTORS – Miscellaneous Connectors – 278 parts

SWITCHCRAFTSwitchcraft Connectors – 18 parts

KYCONKycon Connectors – 21 parts


Thank You so much for your help,



Tom Hausherr

PCB Libraries

CEO, Director of Technology

858.592.4826 Phone

847.745.0450 Fax


Website: &


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