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> Terry,
> Phillip Restall - [EMAIL PROTECTED] is a programmer 
> but does not know of an easy way to "Batch Move" the 
> silkscreen data to the correct layer. 


The abilities of the DelpiScript engine exposed in 2004 is very powerful indeed, in 
fact pretty much
overkill, but probably not that well documented. I believe selection of the entities 
would be the
critical part, assuming a consistent rule for primitive sizes are applied across all 
parts already
and no rounding errors from Altium side when applying selection filters.

Have you tried asking the Protel library center directly on this, its just a 
suggestion, as both
libraries are free I don't see any conflict. 

I am sure when Altium were modifying their own libraries they did not do them one at a 
time so they
may already have some nifty utilities/scripts they wrote in house that might help 
Philip as they
will have come across the same issues with consistent line widths across parts etc. 
This assumes a
definitive selection of primitives is possible.
Perhaps Phil Loughhead or Geoff Harland can put Philip in touch with someone off list, 
or arrange
some help via the developers at Premier (fellow IPC members and instructors) as it is 
actually a
result of a bug in the translator (not present in Pads importer in PCAD I believe, so 
they know why
it happens).

Just an idea as I really believe the script engine should be capable of doing this 
with at least one
constant to filter (or nested filters). 

Should not really be needed but I've cc'd this to dxp list as well to make sure it 
gets noticed by
Altium. I don't do any programming work myself, but can appreciate what the 2004 
script engine can
be capable of.

> Here is the situation:
> The IPC-7351 library has a silkscreen outline and an assembly 
> outline. They are two totally different outlines. The 
> silkscreen is a fake outline and does not represent the 1:1 
> scale component body. It represents the component, but does 
> not touch any pads or exposed copper. The Assembly Drawing 
> outline is an exact replica of the physical component and it 
> may run right over pads because it's just a drawing.
> When we converted 9,000 library parts from PADS to Protel 
> everything went smooth except the translator merged the 
> Assembly Outline and the Silkscreen outline to the same layer 
> in Protel. That was the stock PADS to Protel translator 
> provided by Altium. Now we have to manually edit each library 
> part to separate the two distinct outlines.

I believe that you do not get this issue from Pads>PCAD as the translator does not 
have this bug.

Perhaps a shorter route, if Altium assistance is not offered, would be Pads>PCAD>Protel

> We can easily write programs that make global edits but we 
> cannot think our way out of this problem. 



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