On 09:22 AM 30/06/2004, Tom Hausherr said:

Phillip Restall - [EMAIL PROTECTED] is a programmer but does not know
of an easy way to "Batch Move" the silkscreen data to the correct layer.

Here is the situation:
The IPC-7351 library has a silkscreen outline and an assembly outline. They
are two totally different outlines. The silkscreen is a fake outline and
does not represent the 1:1 scale component body. It represents the
component, but does not touch any pads or exposed copper. The Assembly
Drawing outline is an exact replica of the physical component and it may run
right over pads because it's just a drawing.

When we converted 9,000 library parts from PADS to Protel everything went
smooth except the translator merged the Assembly Outline and the Silkscreen
outline to the same layer in Protel. That was the stock PADS to Protel
translator provided by Altium. Now we have to manually edit each library
part to separate the two distinct outlines.

We can easily write programs that make global edits but we cannot think our
way out of this problem.


Do the lines to be separated differ in any consistent fashion? (width would be the obvious one). If so then it should not be too hard to write a server that iterates over all components in the Lib and then scans all the primitives looking for those that meet the requirement to be moved.

In fact in P2004 you don't need to use a server - a script should be able to do it.

What version are the libraries in? P2004 or P99SE (not that it makes a big difference).

What about changing the library globally in PADs before exporting, to *make* a recognizable difference between the widths of lines on the assy layer and the overlay. I assume the assy layer is a really thin line and the overlay(silkscreen) is 6 to 8 mils - if not why not? Anyway, once you have them with discriminatable by width you can use any number of means to change layers (scripts, multi-object edits (P2004), globals (P99SE)). You can even change the width of the lines back once you have split the layers. I am afraid that this doesnt not* sound like a job that needs to be done manually to me.


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