Bob- Again I'll assume you are wanting to move the end of a wire in DXP. Try Edit/Break Wire and Move/Drag.

The default operation of DXP now automatically joins wires (unless you disable "Optimize Wires"), so if you draw a short wire then continue a new wire at the end of the old, the two become one. You cannot move the end of the first wire because it no longer exists. You can however clip a section out of the middle of the wire using the Break Wire command, creating two separate wire. Then click to wire to select it and show its handles, then use the Move/Drag command or simply click and drag one of the handles.

The 2nd chapter in the Manual gives a good tutorial on the basics for Schematic and PCB. If you have the DXP04 upgrade that didn't come with paper manuals, you can get it in PDF format in the Altium\Protel2004 folder in your program directory or from the web at


At 06:17 AM 8/9/2004, you wrote:
Thanks Jim. That's a big help. Is there a similar command for trimming wires
in schematics?


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Bob- Are you talking about moving the end of a trace? If so, the shortcut
was Ctrl + LeftClick. DXP still has this capability by using the move drag
end command but shortcut doesn't work anymore, it was reassigned to
highlight net. You can re-assign the shortcut back to the Move/Drag command
or give it a new shortcut.

I have a favorite little know trick that did make the transition intact.
Excess length of track stubs can be trimmed simply by double clicking while
Interactive Routing ("Automatically Remove Loops" must be enabled). The
stub beyond the double click point instantly disappears. Having the
electrical snap enabled also helps.

BTW, I'm trying to figure out which DXP shortcut keys are not yet used.
Does anyone know if it is possible to list shortcuts sorted by keystroke?
This was another easy task in 99se that isn't so apparent in DXP.


At 06:22 AM 8/6/2004, bob stephens wrote:
>Another feature I really miss is the ability to trim or shorten a
>PCB trace by some combination of shift/ctrl/click/drag which I forget. I
>can't fathom why they would get rid of this very useful feature...

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