On 05:07 PM 11/08/2004, Mira said:

> Yep.  I agree.  Users have been suggesting a number
> of things (on the DXP
> forum) that increase the ability to control layout
> from sch.  Things like
> setting layers and being able to create classes
> (nets, components etc) in
> the sch.  Maybe some of these ideas will appear at
> some stage.

Do you mean that you cannot set (as minimum) the trace
width/clearacne and component height in the schematic
and get this information in the PCB?


In P2004, you can set all sorts of PCB rules in the Sch. I haven't tried in any detail but when you try editing the rule value of a PCB directive, it seems to allow you to set up many different sorts of rule (sig integrity, width, routing, placement fan out, component clearance, height rules,...). I have not investigated all the details or whether the rule transfer works OK.

A single PCB directive seems to be able to carry many rules. A PCB Directive seems to have to be placed on a wire in the sch to be dealt with by the Sch compiler and xferred to the PCB during synch. But it does seem to be able to carry rules that are not associated with wires. Again, I am not sure of all the details.

Rules that sensibly apply to a net transfer applying to just the net the directive is on; rules, like mask rules, seem to come across with All scope.

You can't set the height of a component in Sch. You can associate a 3D model with the component in Sch, and you can associate a PCB model with a Sch component (of course). The PCB component model can have a height (set in the PCBLib), or you can set it in the PCB (using globals if you wish). There is no easy way, currently, that I know of dealing with the heights of components that have height above and below the board (some connectors, planer xfmrs, and even all through hole parts if you want to be picky). There is some discussion on this issue on the dxp forum currently. The 3D model is *not* used when DRC checks the component height rule, this is something I have suggested would be useful - the ability to extract the component height from the 3D model.


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