On 10:31 AM 11/08/2004, Dennis Saputelli said:
seems like this would be possibly a nice feature to optionally control
from the schematic and be fully automatic
if you didn't like the result you could
still muck about with the parts selectively

Yep. I agree. Users have been suggesting a number of things (on the DXP forum) that increase the ability to control layout from sch. Things like setting layers and being able to create classes (nets, components etc) in the sch. Maybe some of these ideas will appear at some stage.

Orcad capture also has what i think is a new feature to v. 10:
a big spreadsheet type panel with all the objects across all the
sheets which can be sorted by their columns
and which can be used to globally
edit things reasonably simply

Sort of like DXP/P2004's List panel is it? P99SE has this but you have to export-change-import and this is a somewhat fiddly process.

One of my dislikes about P2004 is that the List panel is always "active" (even if not visible). The List panel is great when necessary but filling it and emptying it *might* be a cause of delays when doing queries that affect lots of objects - there are delays but us users are not privy to all the causes, I hypothesize that the List panel is one cause. I say might as there is no way of confirming whether this is the case, but it is a possibility.

However there are times when the List panel is very useful. You can sort by clicking on column headers. You can edit a bunch of objects at the same time. You can show child objects of group objects (polygons, components etc). Managing the columns that are shown could be better I think. The List, like the Inspector, by default only shows columns that are common to all the objects returned by the current filter. So when no filter is active it shows everything and so you don't have many useful columns - you can turn on more columns manually.

The main issue I have with P2004 implementation of the List panel (spreadsheet view) is that keeping it up-to-date is possibly a cause of these pregnant pauses that one gets while running some queries/filters. I would like to be able to turn off the List panel so it is not having to be continually kept synched with the current filters.


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