If my memory serves me correct, most of the gripes that I have seen here in the
forum, and also from my own useage going back to P98, and additionally from a few
comments from our glourious vendors own tech support people, has been: Stay away
from ATI - ATI has caused the most problems!

Of course I do not know if this still holds true for their current modle line, and
whether or not it would still be true today.

The most importand thing to remember is all that Protel Products, and I believe that
this includes dxP04, all use only 2D for all of their graphics, including any 3D
renderings, which are themselves actually only done in 2D, so that any of the
sophicistated 3D junk or 3D video boards that are so highly prized in the "gaming"
world, are actually worthless for Protel, and in fact may in fact cause problems in
Protel, or at least I was told a while back by some of the big A's Technical Support
people. They also told me that on some video cards it may be necessary to "scale
back" some of the video "acceleration" so as to not cause problems with Protel. This
was their advice for Protel 99 SE, and I am not quite sure that that would be
applicable on DXP or what I call dxP04 (which I still have not installed).

Respecting the dual output capability of a video card which you discuss below, I
thought I had it on my nVidia Ge Force 4 FX5200 128Mb until I read Terry Cheers post
and yours below.


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For "basic" support, (neither cheasy nor caviar-based) with continually
upgraded video driversets from the chipset mfg, I suggest an
Nvidia-based  MX440, 64M-128M memory, dual video out. I purchased my
last one from EVGA, (www.evga.com), though the popularity, ease of use,
performance, cost, etc. of the chipset, has made it easy to find from a
variety of mfgs. Mine cost me $79 and has performed flawlessly, as did
the last two. New driver packages are available for download from Nvidia
on a regular basis (every month or so), because as we all know from
using Protel, bugs are everywhere. Other chjipset mfgs will often be
less than forthcoming with driversets. SO much so, in fact, that one of
the most often cited competitors has lost theior once supreme status
with the very customer base that launched them, ie, Apple customers,
because the video mfg is sucvh a poor performer when it comes to
supporting their products. Shiny on the outside, smelly on the inside.

Make sure to verify that the card your purchase has dual video out or
has a DVI as the secondary AND comes with a DVI-to-VGA converter
included. Due to their overall performance, Nvida's unrivalled firm/soft
support, and the entire line's low cost relative to their competitors,
there are large numbers of Nvidia-based cards on the market, and many
are single output devices, have a VGA and a DVI connector for dual, only
have TV out for the secondary channel, or require the user to purchase a
DVI converter...

You can expect to pay somewhere between $80-$110 for a dual-output card
of the ilk described above.

Again, examine to ensure that the card does dual video, and if possible,
has dual vga connections direct. A VGA and DVI combination is quite
prevalent, but if you choose this route, then make sure you get a
DVI/VGA adapter w/the card.


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>Subject: [PEDA] Video Board Recommendations ?
>Greetings all,
>I have heard that some brands of video cards can show problems
>when running Protel.
>Does anyone have any recommendations as to whose video boards
>work well and those I should steer clear of?
>I'm not after the latest and greatest video gamers mega-card
>just something that will reliably display Protel PCBs and
>Schematics preferably upgradable to a dual monitor setup
>(either a board with 2 outputs or the ability to operate with
>2 seperate boards)
>Best Regards,
>Linden Doyle
>Product Development Engineer
>Zener Electric Pty Ltd.

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