Les, everyone is correct in stating there are inherent problems (or issues
to be aware of) with multiple inheritance. However, it is certainly handy
when you really need it (and know what to be careful of). Again, feel free
to check out the inheritance model I use (
as it does support multiple inheritance as well. There are also some issues
I have with the whole "prototype-static, instance" methods vs. "true
instance only" methods, so I do away completely with forcing references to
the superclass methods. You need to call a superclass method within an
overridden subclass method - just grab the reference on your own (explained
in that blog post).

The prototype-core team's job is to handle at least 85% of people's needs.
AFAIK the new inheritance stuff achieves that (though using my model I will
have no needs for it)... we just need to keep in mind that if we run into
our own needs, or edge cases, we can mod away (just remember to do it
smartly to not break your upgrade path).

On 9/22/07, Nicolás Sanguinetti <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> On 9/22/07, Les <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > The OpenLayers API 2.5 (a maping API in part based on Prototype)
> > supports multiple inheritance, so why not Prototype?
> Mislav said:
> >  Also, multiple inheritance isn't all that good. There is a reason Java
> and
> > C++ successors like Objective-C and C# chose not to support it.
> JavaScript
> > 2.0 looks like it will not support it either.
> So, it's a design goal not to have multiple inheritance.
> Besides, we all heard "composition is better than inheritance" :)
> Instead of rigidly inheriting from multiple sources, just delegate
> behavior to other objects. It's *that* simple. And it's effective too
> ;)
> Or use dojo, or OpenLayers, or whatever else you fancy :)
> Best,
> -Nicolas
> >

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