> Sorry, i've been out for 4 days (Visiting places like
> Basque Country, South of France...), and i haven't
> checked my mail inbox almost for a week ago.
> I will continue mantaining strings, but i'm doing that
> for a cyber local of a friend, not from home (my USB
> ADSL is not running well in linux).  Hope you can view
> things updated soon.

OK, great news...Unfortunately, you missed the string freeze end and,
thus, Galician is not complete in what will probably be the final
release of Debian Installer. But, anyway, it is complete enough (83%)
for being very useful.

One more question : as Hector has noticed, I send notes to Debian
Installer translators by mail when there is a special event related to
D-I translations (string freeze, special things which needs to be
cared, etc.).

Would it be OK for other trasno mailing list contributors if I send
these notices to the list rather than directly to Hector ?

In cases where Hector is away like above, this would give more
opportunities for others to help and act as Hector's backup.

Please let me know...

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