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Ok, a ver: deixo as referencias disto e o queira que modifique como lle pareza 
máis conveniente. Son todas as referencias que atopo acerca de plugin, plug 
in e plug-in: 

Free On-Line Dictionary of Computing
A file containing data used to alter, enhance, or
extend the operation of a parent {application program}. One
of the first uses of this term was in {Silicon Beach}'s
{SuperPaint} application (late 1980s?) for the {Macintosh}.
It had a Plug-ins {folder} containing different tools and
The {Netscape Navigator} {World-Wide Web} {browser} supports
plug-ins which display or interpret a particular file format
or {protocol} such as {Shockwave}, {RealAudio}, {Adobe
Systems, Inc.} {PDF}, {Corel CMX} ({vector graphics}). The
file to be displayed is included in a {web page} using an
EMBED {HTML} {tag}.
Plug-ins, both commercially and indepently authored, can
usually be downloaded for free and are stored locally.
Plug-ins come in different versions specific to particular
{operating systems} ({Microsoft Windows
2, and
{Macintosh} are available).
Compare {applet}.
{Plug-in Plaza (http://www.browserwatch.com/plug-in.html)}.
{PC Mag Plug-ins

Collins Cobuild English Dictionary
plug-in plug-ins
A plug-in machine is a piece of electrical equipment that is operated by being 
connected to an electricity supply or to another piece of electrical equipment 
by means of a plug.
...a plug-in radio.
A plug-in is something such as a piece of software that can be added to a 
computer system to give extra features or functions. (COMPUTING)
...a plug-in memory card.
N-COUNT: oft N n
Collins Cobuild English Dictionary
plug in
plug in or plug into
If you plug a piece of electrical equipment into an electricity supply or if 
you plug it in, you push its plug into an electric socket so that it can work.
They plugged in their tape-recorders...
I filled the kettle while she was talking and plugged it in...
He took the machine from its bag and plugged it into the wall socket...
PHRASAL VERB: V P n (not pron), V n P, V n P n
If you plug one piece of electrical equipment into another or if you plug it 
in, you make it work by connecting the two.
They plugged their guitars into amplifiers...
He plugged in his guitar.
PHRASAL VERB: V n P n, V P n (not pron)
If one piece of electrical equipment plugs in or plugs into another piece of 
electrical equipment, it works by being connected by an electrical cord or 
lead to an electricity supply or to the other piece of equipment.
A CD-I deck looks like a video recorder and plugs into the home television and 
stereo system...
They've found out where the other speaker plugs in.
If you plug something into a hole, you push it into the hole.
Her instructor plugged live bullets into the gun's chamber.
plug in
plug in
v : plug into an outlet; "Please plug in the toaster!"; "Connect
the TV so we can watch the football game tonight" [syn: {connect}]
[ant: {unplug}]

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