Hey Keith and Bdale,

The design looks pretty decent, no glaring flaws I can see. Good thing since you probably sent the design out yesterday! :) Software wise sdcc sounds great. I have used ASxxxx on my 8051 assembly projects with success, and was planning on getting sdcc up. You probably have enough 8051 internal ram for what you are doing, but I thought to let you know of an SPI SRAM part [1] I found in an SOIC-8 form factor. Most importantly it is now available; I obtained mine from Arrow Electronics for $1.81 each.

Looks great,

[1]  SPI SRAM part N25S830HAS22I

Glenn LeBrasseur,  KJ7SU

Keith Packard wrote:
Bdale and I are about ready to get some boards made and try our hand at
reflowing SMT components. The plan is to order boards on Monday, but
we'd love to have others with hw experience take a look and make sure
our design doesn't have some obvious and fatal flaw. Again:

      * CC1111 CPU/radio
      * LIPO charger
      * MP3H6115A barometric sensor
      * MCP9700 temperature sensor
      * MMA2202EG 50G accelerometer
      * 25LC1024 128KB SPI flash memory
      * 2 FD335N FETs for recovery firing

You'll find attached the schematic and board layout in PostScript form
along with gerber files containing the board layers and a cnc file full
of drill data.

Software wise, the plan is to run FreeRTOS on the embedded 8051. I've
gotten C programs from sdcc running on a cc1111 proto board, so I'm
confident that we'll be able to program this thing without significant
difficulty. Oddly, the 8051 is well supported by free software.


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