Keith Packard wrote:
> Bdale and I are about ready to get some boards made and try our hand at
> reflowing SMT components. The plan is to order boards on Monday, but
> we'd love to have others with hw experience take a look and make sure
> our design doesn't have some obvious and fatal flaw. Again:

I took a quick look at the postscript dump of the boards, and I'm seeing
a lot of things that make really nervous about the layout, specifically
regarding design rules.  There are a lot of things jammed right up
against the edge of the board, and a lot of holes placed very close to
each other.

Has the board been DRC'd against the rules supplied by whichever board
house you're using?  I'm pretty sure it's going to flag a fair number of
those things.

I'd be happy to help massage the layout, if it's in Eagle...

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