On Tue, 2008-12-23 at 07:34 -0800, Glenn LeBrasseur wrote:
> Hey Keith and Bdale,
> The design looks pretty decent, no glaring flaws I can see. Good thing 
> since you probably sent the design out yesterday! :)

We were hoping to, but various things conspired to keep us busy revising
them. Thanks much for taking a look though; we're having to make a lot
of them as it's a 4-layer board and we'd like to avoid iterating too
many times.

>  Software wise sdcc 
> sounds great. I have used ASxxxx on my 8051 assembly projects with 
> success, and was planning on getting sdcc up. You probably have enough 
> 8051 internal ram for what you are doing, but I thought to let you know 
> of an SPI SRAM part [1] I found in an SOIC-8 form factor. Most 
> importantly it is now available; I obtained mine from Arrow Electronics 
> for $1.81 each.

As you saw, we' stuck a SPI flash part on for data recording. I'm not
tempted to try and figure out how to use a SPI RAM part for program data
though. We've got 4KB of data space, which should suffice for the simple
stuff we're doing.

Bdale and I spent the day reviewing chip foot prints and have quite a
few minor updates. Bdale stuck them all on his server:


This directory has postscript versions of the schematic and the pc board
along with gerber files and a cnc drill file.


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