I've been lurking around on the mailing list for a while, waiting to
get involved with pyglet.

> Removing the latex options from the makefile don't seem to have any
> effect either (but I was just taking a shot in the dark there).

Have you tried keeping the latex options, but making sure that they
don't do anything? This way sphinx finds the options it needs, but
those options don't actually try to do anything. Commenting out the
non-echo lines in the `latex` and `latexpdf` options seems to make
sphinx happy on my machine.

    doc hg:(default) ✗ make latex

    Build finished; the LaTeX files are in _build/latex.
    Run `make' in that directory to run these through (pdf)latex (use `make 
latexpdf' here to do that automatically).
    doc hg:(default) ✗ make latexpdf

    Running LaTeX files through pdflatex...
    pdflatex finished; the PDF files are in _build/latex.

I looked through the build log and could identify two reasons for the
failing build.

    ~ grep -e "^\!" pyglet_error_log.txt | sort | uniq
    !  ==> Fatal error occurred, no output PDF file produced!
    ! LaTeX Error: Unknown graphics extension: .svg.
    ! Misplaced \cr.
    ! Missing \cr inserted.
    ! Missing \endgroup inserted.
    ! Missing } inserted.

* The Pyglet documentation uses SVG images and they aren't supported
  by pdflatex. I wrote a quick script that uses inkscape to convert
  all SVG images in a folder to PNG 

  The files that use svg images are:

    doc hg:(default) grep -e "fig.*svg" -r ./
    ./programming_guide/context.txt:.. figure:: img/context_flow.svg
    ./programming_guide/context.txt:.. figure:: img/screens.svg
    ./programming_guide/mouse.txt:.. figure:: img/mouse_coordinates.svg
    ./programming_guide/text.txt:.. figure:: img/font_metrics.svg
    ./programming_guide/image.txt:.. figure:: img/abstract_image.svg
    ./programming_guide/image.txt:.. figure:: img/image_sequence.svg
    ./programming_guide/image.txt:.. figure:: img/image_grid.svg
    ./programming_guide/image.txt:.. figure:: img/buffer_image.svg
    ./programming_guide/windowing.txt:.. figure:: img/window_location.svg

    doc hg:(default) ✗ grep -e "ima.*\:.*svg" -rw ./ 

    ./programming_guide/text.txt:    .. image:: img/text_classes.svg
    Binary file ./_build/doctrees/programming_guide/text.doctree matches
    Binary file ./_build/doctrees/internal/wraptypes.doctree matches
    ./internal/wraptypes.txt:.. image: wraptypes-class.svg

* The "Misplaces \cr", etc errors are related to tables in the pyglet
  docs. Still looking for a way around this.

I'm still figuring out mercurial, so it will take me a while before I
actually start making pull requests :( can someone try these?


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