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> I'm confused as to why it's not just a .py file.

On Linux, the `nuitka` script would be run.  Things in $PATH tend not
to have an extension, and you don’t need one to run Python.  (you
can’t import files that don’t end in .py, though)

> The nuitka.bat, aside from some remarks, is this:
>     @echo off
>     setlocal
>     "%~dp0..\python" "%~dp0nuitka" %*
>     endlocal

This is a very fancy way of running Nuitka in the local python
interpreter, with all the arguments.  For example, this:

    C:\Python27\Scripts\nuitka.bat foo bar

will make the script run:

    C:\Python27\python C:\Python27\Scripts\nuitka foo bar

This is to make Windows users’ life easier, to provide them
executables that work just as `nuitka` (and not `nuitka.py`).
However, a more modern method than the one used here is setuptools
entrypoints, which produces a nicer .exe file.

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