On Saturday, June 28, 2014 9:27:02 AM UTC+5:30, CM wrote:
> > I'm not a Windows user, so I can't give detailed 
> > step-by-step "mouse over this menu, click this 
> > button" instructions, but you need to open a  
> > command line terminal. (command.com or cmd.exe, 

> I'm not *quite* that at sea!  :D  Close, but I am
> used to using the command line in Windows. 

> > Now type 

> >     nuitka --recurse-all something_or_other.py

> > and hit Enter. What happens?

> I did that and the message is:

>    'nuitka' is not recognized as an internal 
>    or external command, operable program or batch file.

> which makes sense because some kind of file called 
> nuitka is not in my path. What I wasn't sure of is how 
> to add it, because I looked in the nuitka folder in 
> Python27/Lib/site-packages and there was no file 
> called nuitka.py or nuitka.exe within that folder, 
> and there were a lot of subfolders but I just didn't 
> know what I should do.  

> I have used Linux but not in a while and I can't recall
> how installing it is different in terms of the OS 
> knowing what "nuitka" means in the command line.
> (I installed nuitka for Windows via an installer).

> Even once I do this, nuitka won't work until I get
> MingGW on here, too, but one step at a time.  I'd like
> to get it to at least fail at that point first.

> But Rustom Mody's comment suggests this may turn out
> to be more work than I am willing to do right now...?

In all fairness, I know nothing of nuitka.
But I see:

- that it is active (in development)
- there are nuitka mailing list(s)...

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