CM, 28.06.2014 05:57:
>> Now type 
>>     nuitka --recurse-all
>> and hit Enter. What happens?
> I did that and the message is:
>    'nuitka' is not recognized as an internal 
>    or external command, operable program or batch file.
> which makes sense because some kind of file called 
> nuitka is not in my path. What I wasn't sure of is how 
> to add it, because I looked in the nuitka folder in 
> Python27/Lib/site-packages and there was no file 
> called or nuitka.exe within that folder, 
> and there were a lot of subfolders but I just didn't 
> know what I should do.  

There should be a folder Python27/Scripts that contains the executable
programs that Python packages install.



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