> Just add Scripts to path (not Scripts/nuitka), 
> and it should run nuitka.bat. I would guess that 
> the one without an extension is a Unix shell script 
> of some sort; have a look at it, see if it's a text 
> file that begins "#!/bin/sh" or similar. Most likely 
> the file sizes of nuitka and nuitka.bat will be 
> similar - of the order of hundreds of bytes, even, 
> as they're probably just invoking Python.

I tried that, and it still gives me the same message.
This is the Windows path, right?  In it, among other
paths, I have:


(or without the last "\" also, though it should
not matter, right?)

The nuitka file starts with 


and is a Python script. It says in a docstring, 

This is the main program of Nuitka, it 
checks the options and then translates
one or more modules to a C++ source code 
using Python C/API in a build directory
compiles it to either an executable or an 
extension module that can contain other 
modules. """

I'm confused as to why it's not just a .py
file.  The nuitka.bat, aside from some
remarks, is this:

    @echo off

    "%~dp0..\python" "%~dp0nuitka" %*



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