Dear developers:

As a former translator of the Danish version of QGIS I have a few - very personal, perhaps a bit caustic - comments:

 * The transfer from using QT linqguist to Transifex was a mistake from
   my POW. Without the user interface context is sometimes impossible
   to translate correctly. My method (around ver. 2.12) was to use a
   simple editor like notepad++ on the raw xml translator files and get
   a significant part of the job done. And afterward using QT-Linguist
   to get the difficult translations. From that standpoint Transifex is
   simply a delaying factor.
 * The translation effort is very important. Even in Denmark , where
   the population generally is competent in English, the majority of
   "ordinary" users prefer using QGIS with the Danish translation. I
   assume, that the situation is the same or more pressing for most
 * The translation is difficult and time consuming and you are not
   being compensated for your effort. Throw some money or prestige
   after it. Even a small token would help.
 * Treat the translation effort with respect. Don't ridicule people's
   earnest efforts. Think how you would react If you were a rookie
   developer and the first reaction from an old shark was ridicule of
   your programming efforts ?
 * Make the translation stage a significant step in the development cycle.
 * Create a group or list of highly technical GIS related terms that is
   *not* to be translated. There is a lot of GIS terms that is English
   in origin, but haven't a well defined local translation. (With some
   hilarious results if they are translated). Not all translators is
   well versed in every aspect of GIS.

Med venlig hilsen / Kind regards

Bo Victor Thomsen

Den 30-06-2020 kl. 00:20 skrev Alexandre Neto:

I have been looking into the Portuguese translations of the GUI and the Docs, and I got really scared. Many translations were done completely out of context, making it very hard to read or understand what was originally written in English, even if you are familiar with the terminology.

I don't know how other languages are going, and if you face the same problems. In Portugal, we have a very small community. Because of that, translation efforts are not really coordinated or even reviewed in most cases.

Now, the biggest problem is that I think this deeply affects QGIS credibility. When you install QGIS, it defaults to the machine's locale, and many users don't even know how to change it (seen it in several courses). This means that many people will only know the badly translated version of QGIS in their native language... and It looks bad.

In training, people sometimes make fun of the translations. I always enforce the idea that the translation work is fully done by volunteers in their spare time, but I am afraid if for some people it just looks like the full application was done by volunteers and hobbyists.

So, I wanted to know if more of you face the same issues. If so, would it be wiser to default the language always to English and let the user find out how to change to his language if he wants to?


Alexandre Neto

PS: Sorry for the cross-posting

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