This has always been the problem with substitution devices. One solution
would be to rewrite the io.fstrg/fs.headr/etc code to substitute the
filenames read as well (essentially chop off the directory path
substituted). In case of io.fstrg this means checking if the channel is
opened for directory access, then check if the data read would be a file
header (length=64), then change the filename read accordingly. In your own
example when using INKEY$ from BASIC this would fail because INKEY$ reads
one byte at a time (using io.fbyte).

Another solution would be to make the DIR command 'substitution-aware' so
it would recognise a substituted device and act accordingly. I've written a
S*BASIC 'ls' like command (see which has
implemented this (and it lists the contents of substituted subdirectories


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