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What we really need, is a new file system! :)

I like the way DOS_DRIVE/NFA_DRIVE work in QPC2/SMSQmulator. You can "root" the device DOS/NFA anywhere in the host's filing system. The result is transparent to the rest of the system. This would be a way forward for any new filing system: The old (current) way of doing things could just be a hooked to the new in a similar way. Any old software would just continue to use the old system. On the emulators weve basically got a new file system already. "All" it would take would be for it to be better integrated into SMSQ/E and "one" should perhaps devise a new way to deal with that extra info that goes into the QDOS file header. Finally, to top it off, a hardware version should be made for any "hardware QLs" that can run SMSQ/E and a real harddisk.

Pinch me! Its not going to happen, is it?

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Has anybody got the source code to the SUB device? It does this kind
of substitutions.

I remember having done a disassembly some years ago. Will look when the
temperature here drops to non-tropical levels (it's now 35C :( ).

Another solution would be to make the DIR command 'substitution-aware' so
it would recognise a substituted device and act accordingly.
But then you have to do the same for QPAC2, QMenu, ...

Agreed. Wouldn't it be great if we would only see the names of the files
within a subdirectory and not the subdirectories themselves every time? But
I expect that this might break some other programs as well...


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